Website updates and maintenance

D2 can manage your Website updates and maintenance

D2 can manage your website updates and maintenance

In a nutshell a content management system (CMS) gives an administrative user the ability to load, publish, and modify some (but not all) of the text, photos and videos on your website.

Of course you can do this yourself, but sometimes this is either a hassle or another task to be added to your already busy schedule. That’s where D2 can help.

So why do I need to update my content regularly?

Maintaining your website’s content can be done regularly, or not. But the more you maintain and publish fresh quality content, the more people will visit your site (website traffic) and the better it will perform.

Google also loves new website content. Keep that content fresh and watch your website move up the list.

With quality content and higher google ranking, you’ll be able to turn more website visitors into customers.

Spread the word – Email marketing

So your’ve got the content loaded to your website, now you need to tell everyone.

Ok, so you maybe asking what about social media? Well if you have an active social media presence then by all means, but there are plenty of benefits to email marketing:

  • Most people who are on the internet use email, but not necessarily Facebook or Twitter
  • With a managed email list you can target content to users by: age, geography or interest
  • Social media posts go to a users wall (not necessarily read), whilst most will check email

Find out more about d2’s services to help get more visitors to your website.

D2 can manage your website updates and maintenance

Whether it’s updating contact hours, pdfs or adding a new page of content or news, D2 can offer cost-effective solutions to manage your website updates and maintenance. We ensure that what we deliver is of the highest standard and is on the mark to your branding requirements.

D2 can also help with your email marketing requirements: developing email templates for Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor as well as managing campaign send outs on your behalf.

If your marketing strategy relies on a scheduled content release, an ongoing service-level agreement (SLA) with D2 can save you headaches and money.

So why get D2 to manage your website updates and maintenance?

  • You can always get us on the phone – we don’t hide behind a computer
  • We talk in plain English – no geek speak
  • We do it right the first time
  • Attention to detail, quality workmanship
  • We deliver what we promise
  • No unexpected monthly bills, good-old-fashion value-for-money

Want to find out more?

So, if you don’t have time to manage your website updates, give me a call or send me an email to find out how D2 can help you.