Conversion rate optimisation

D2 website conversion rate optimisation

What is website conversion rate optimisation (CRO)?

Basically website conversion rate optimisation is the art of ensuring that a websites content and structure are attuned to its target customers requirements. The ultimate goal from a business sense, is to convert as many website visitors into customers as possible.

You will usually find that a website with a high conversion rate; it’s messages are expressed efficiently and there is no confusion that will restrict the effectiveness of the concept or the required outcome.

Success stems from understanding the target audience. This helps with getting the tone and manner right, this builds rapport and helps further to convert website visitors into customers.

Want to convert more of your website’s visitors into actual customers?

D2 can help with your websites conversion rate optimisation

If your old website is not delivering the leads, sales or contact that you think it should, D2 can help. We’ll have a chat, you tell me about your business and who your customers are (no doubt this will lead to more questions) – helps paint a clear picture. After I’ll check out your website and your competition and see whats happening online (Website Performance Analysis). Once completed I’ll make recommendations and put them to you in plain English, no technical jargon, just clear options with pros and cons, all the while keeping in mind “the best bang for your buck”.

D2 Conversion rate optimisation may include:

  • Home page restructuring – design work to ensure there are clear paths and actions for potential customers
  • Website copy review – making sure the message is clear and sincere for your target audience
  • Supporting material – what could help get the message across: Diagrams, Photos, File attachments (Pdf, Doc), Audio and Video?
  • Review of Calls to Action – what do you want the potential customer to do: make an inquiry, purchase a product/service?

D2 Conversion rate optimisation will definitely include:

  • Setting up tools to measure the websites performance (track visitor behaviour) – Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools
  • Configuring the related funnels and goals in Google Analytics (GA)
  • Then regularly (monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly)
    • review the website performance tools – report
    • implement new recommendations and modify existing to meet the website’s objectives
  • Monitor and report on the above and repeat until the end of time…

At the end of the day

A website is a powerful business tool, as with any tool it needs to be maintained and kept sharp. By regularly reviewing and tweaking the website (conversion rate optimisation), you’re making sure it converts, and continues to convert going forward.

Just ask D2 about conversion rate optimisation

So, if you want to convert more of your website visitors to what your business has to offer just ask me. What are you waiting for? Flick us an email or just give me a call.