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PW Dance and sportswear website with a responsive web design
PW Dance & sportswear website as viewed on a laptop

Getting your website to work well on mobile devices

Yes D2 can make your website look great on an iphone (or other smart-phones), tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

We use a technique called Responsive Web Design (RWD). Sounds like something techie doesn’t it? Well it is. But in short it’s a way for people on smart-phones to visit your website and do all the important things and achieve the same goals as viewing your website on a 15″ laptop monitor.

If your getting a new website then making sure your you have a responsive web design is a cost effective upgrade.

Without a responsive web design

Viewing a website on a smart-phone without optimisation usually means everything will be scaled down in size, the result:

  • It’s difficult to read the website copy
  • Selecting buttons and links is ‘fidley’
  • Which means finding what you’re after problematic
  • See an example with no mobile optimisation

With a responsive web design

Viewing a website on a smart-phone with optimisation means the website content is optimised for the device, e.g.

  • Website copy is at a readable size
  • Images are easily viewed
  • Buttons and links are of a reasonable size its easy to navigate
  • Which means finding what you’re after a lot easier
  • See an example with responsive web design

A cost effective upgrade for your website

There’s a bit more effort to make this happen and a bit more cost, but ensuring your website is multiple device friendly is the best way to future proof your investment to accommodate the explosion in mobile device users.

The good news is, if your getting a new website with D2, this is more than likely already included.

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No responsive web design
NO responsive design

With a Responsive Web Design
WITH responsive design