Integrating business processes into your website

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Integrating business processes – getting your website to do more than just display your products and services

At D2 we can design, develop and integrate business processes into your website to help save your business time and money.

In all starts with a chat, tell us:

  • What are your concerns?
  • Where are the bottlenecks in your processes?
  • Have you seen any great solutions?

D2 can provide options; cost effective modules or building specific solutions to meet your requirements. A lot of the time, the resources saved or opportunities seized will result in favourable return on investment.

Some examples include adding a; secure client area, product/service quote calculator, booking form or even an online store.

Some example business problems and website solutions:

Sick of overseas companies selling online to your customers

Setup your own online store and sell your products and services to the world.

We offer a cost effective e-commerce package that is great for starting out and can be easily bolted on to your current online presence. Sell products, services, and events. Automatically take payments online and ship when convenient. Find out more about D2’s e-commerce solutions.

How much time do you spend doing quotes?

Automate your quotes with an online calculator and save time

Developing quotes can be time consuming; you do your calculations (in a spreadsheet), then produce something in a template (PDF), then email it to the customer. Why not automate your quoting system with an online calculator. Users can get the information they need to make a decision in the all important now. Get in contact to find out more.

Are customer orders coming from all directions – phone, email and fax?

How much time is spent chasing up missed information? Setup an online order form.

Options can be selection based which provides data accuracy and time saving for you and your customers. Details can be emailed to you, consolidated into a downloadable file or directed automatically into your back-office systems*. Contact us for more information.

Constantly asked for the same information from your clients?

Add a client area to your website – your customers first port of call

As well as sharing your businesses general documents a protected area can act as a secure vault for client specific files (valuations and details). An online forum can be added to provide another avenue for customer support. Get in contact to find out more.

Just ask D2

So, if you have some unique functionality specific to your business requirements just ask Pete at D2. Flick us an email or just give me a call.

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