D2′s website development process

D2’s 8 step website development process will ensure your new website will get the results and ROI for your business

1. Define

The first thing we do is define what your business is all about and what it needs in a website (Website Objectives). We have an initial chat, have a look at your business plan and your existing company literature (brochures, newsletters, profile), and do a bit of research by having a sniff around the Internet at what your competitors are doing.

2. Plan

Once we have a feel for the big picture we develop an achievable and credible plan to reach your online audience. Only when we fully understand the problem and the audience can we think of coming up with the right solution. This stage lays the foundations for your project: the concrete pad.

3. Build

D2 uses WordPress for new website developments. It’s a great tool for providing quality, cost effective solutions (more bang for your buck). With the website plan established we can then begin to build your new website and get on the road to meeting your business’s online goals and objectives. Think of this stage as building on the foundations: the structural framing.

4. Design

Studies have shown website visitors decide if they’ll stay on a website in less than 0.2 of a second from landing on the site. So getting your website’s design wrong can mean kissing goodbye to potential customers. With D2’s experience and knowledge you’ll get a look ‘n’ feel that appeals to your target market and sucks them into your website’s content and functionality, from the get-go. This is the cladding, painting and tiling stage.

5. Content

It’s widely accepted that the real power for modern websites comes from their content – copywriting, photos and video. Researched and well-constructed content is king. Getting it right will not only heavily influence the conversion of your website visitors into customers, but it will also help your website crawl its way to the top of Google search pages. Think of this component as your home contents: 42″ TVs and ride-on mowers.

6. Functionality

Every decent website ever developed has had some form of unique functionality included. This involves customising and tailoring your business’s points-of-difference to set you apart in the crowd. Functionality also includes internal page linking to funnel visitors towards a call-to-action, ultimately converting them into a sale or lead. Functionality can be compared to fancy lighting and nice-to-have plumbing in your new home: a spa pool.

7. Testing & Go-live

Once all the above is done D2 tests your website’s performance on Macs and PCs in all the different versions of browsers. If there is anything that isn’t honky-dory, D2 will fix it. Once this phase is complete we’re ready for … go-live! D2 pushes the button and your new website comes to life on the world-wide-web. Actually, you can come to D2’s studio and push the button yourself if you really want.

8. Results

Once your website has gone live, D2 will ensure it’s listed in Google and your industry’s directories. As part of your project we’ll also setup easily accessible tools to help you measure the performance and return on investment (ROI) of your new business website and online presence.