Building a new website

So you’re looking at building a new website? What sort of website?

D2 websites are result driven, our A-Z website plan makes sure we can: get the right website visitors, get them what they want efficiently, and finally impress them to take action.

Our websites are built with tried and tested tools that make sure you get the best bang for your buck. We always go the extra mile to make sure our clients are happy. Our success is not only due to the quality of our websites; it’s our result driven philosophy – with everything we do, and good old fashion hard work.

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So why get D2 to build a new website?

  • You can always get us on the phone – we don’t hide behind a computer
  • We talk in plain english – no geek speak
  • We do it right the first time
  • We deliver what we promise
  • No unexpected monthly bills, good-old-fashion value-for-money
  • Once the website is live, we will still be there to help

Building a new website, things to consider: mobile devices

Do your customers use smart-phones and tablet computers?

With more people utlising mobile technology its a good opportunity to ensure customers can effectively use your website with smartphones & tablets. Find out how D2 uses Responsive Design techniques to give uses the optimal experience.

Building a new website, things to consider: business process integration

Are you constantly forwarding clients information? Setup a secure client area where they can login and access information when they need it – saving you a job. Are you bombarded with quote requests? Setup an online quote calculator. Sell your products and services online? Setup a cost effective online store.

Save your business time and money – integrate your client services into your website

When you engage with D2 you’ll end up with a website that:

  • Is customer-focused
  • Delivers the agreed outcomes
  • Is built on tried and true techniques and functions that return results
  • Looks like a million dollars (if you like a few bells ‘n’ whistles)
  • Employs tools to help measure your website’s performance

Do you want to know more

So if your looking at building a new website give me a call, we can setup a meeting to discuss your questions or requirements and come up with options. D2 is the answer. What are you waiting for? Flick us an email or just give me a call.