Peter Diack is D2

Peter Diack hard at work

Born and bred in Hawke’s Bay, I then went out and saw the world. From the Greek Islands to the mines of Africa, London to New York, I’ve seen things. But there’s no place like home.

Since acquiring a BCS degree (Bachelor of Computing Systems) I’ve worked as a website developer, project manager and managed a web agency working on projects locally, nationally and internationally. My core focus to date has been in web applications, systems analysis and design, and online business strategy.

Sticking with what works

I make sure I’ve always got a firm grip on the facts and have an ability to see things as they are and treat them as such. No pussyfooting around daydreaming about what could be – just what should be!

In my time employed elsewhere I prided myself on being able to always find a way to provide successful solutions to add value to my clients’ projects and their businesses.

Family comes first

I’m a strong believer in balance. Family comes first with equal parts of mental and physical work thrown in the mix, along with a good dose of leisure. I enjoy having a few beers with the boys, and watching the Magpies kick butt.

When I’m not doing the above you might catch me getting dragged along at 5.45am by my fleet of dogs on their early morning constitutional, pumping some weights at the gym, hanging out with my lovely wife and two children, or working through the list of DIY weekend jobs the better half hands me every Friday night.

My word is my honour

More recognised for being absent these days is a degree of honesty and integrity that’s extremely important to me. In other words, if I say something I’ll do it. No excuses, no backtracking, I will always stick to my word.

In saying that though you’ll still have to sign a contract when we do business, only because my lawyer says so. But just remember this, for me personally sealing the deal with a hand-shake will always outweigh any piece of paper.

So what about D2?

Find out about D2 the Hawke’s Bay Web Design company or have a look at D2’s website services.