D2 is a Hawkes Bay website design company

Peter Diack from d2 is a hawkes bay website design company

D2 stands for Diack Development, an innovative Hawkes Bay website design company.

That’s me – Pete, so it goes without saying what I am what my business is. Reliable, trustworthy, capable, efficient, good-old-fashioned value-for-money.

At D2 I believe in a few things and some of them I’ve elaborated on below:

  1. I speak like a human not a computer – I convert geek into plain language
  2. I leave out the @#*$&% (nonsense) by telling and selling your business how it is, not how it isn’t
  3. I pay close attention to getting my work right first time

Do you speak English at D2?

Yes I do, I speak very good English thanks. Another way to put it is I communicate like a human being, not a robot and not in geek talk using confusing jargon you cannot understand. I have no time for such carry-on and nor should you.

When we discuss your website and other online things we’ll sit down with a cuppa. You’ll tell me about your business and I’ll listen. Then we’ll come up with a solution before discussing. When we’ve agreed on the plan of attack we’ll shake hands and I’ll get on with it. Just like that.

Useless as tits on a bull

There are plenty of website cowboys out there. Not me. What I’m trying to say is I don’t promote and support D2’s work with a glossy brochure and a black Audi 8.

And it’s this attitude that flows through to my clients’ work. I don’t mind good design in a website, if it’s appropriate. But if it’s not delivering the goods for your business then it really is as useless as … you guessed it!

Do it once, do it right

It’s been said many times before, “Do it once, do it right”. But how can you make sure your doing it right the first time?

  • D2 asks the right questions. Only when you fully understand a problem can you look to solve it
  • D2 sets the website objectives. What needs to happen and by how much?
  • D2 thinks things through and comes up with the plan to meet the objectives
  • D2 works methodically and efficiently, constantly checking the work against the project objectives
  • D2 doesn’t take shortcuts but insteads sticks to the plan
  • D2 checks and tests all work – a complete WOF
  • D2 will support your website into the future. If you have any questions, need anything done, give D2 a call

D2’s professional website services

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