Mexi Mama

D2 delivered for Mexi Mama a modern website design and targeted functionality that compliments their authentic Mexican cuisine and experience.

Mobile usability functions include contact number and location at the top of every page. On a mobile device, selecting the telephone number will automatically dial the Mexi Mama’s telephone number. While the address – when selected, will automatically load the phones mapping application with Mexi Mama’s location and turn-by-turn directions.

A nice clean & simple website that delivers what the customers want.


  • Content management
  • Design
  • Development
  • Online business strategy

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Mexi Mama project features:

Seamless functionality between desktop and mobile

Mexi Mama menu: The restaurant menu is easily accessible independent of the viewing device - modern website design

Publicise the success

Mexi Mama in the media: An area of the website to tell customers about awards and successes

Mobile functionality that makes it easy

Mexi Mama mobile: Selecting the phone number will automatically dial and the address will launch mapping application for directions - modern website design.

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