Hawke’s Bay Express

D2 redeveloped the Hawke’s Bay Express website, introducing a design that works inline with their great product and service bringing through their elements of sophistication and glamour.

With an added responsive website design Hawke’s Bay Express can engage with Tourists with mobile devices. The project also included integrating a third party booking system which allows Hawke’s Bay Express customers to book their trip and pay online.

D2 also provided landing page optimisation services to help Hawke’s Bay Express get as many bookings as possible.



  • Content management
  • Design
  • Development
  • Online business strategy
  • Search engine optimisation

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Hawke’s Bay Express project features:

Optimised for mobile devices

The website had to be accessible and user friendly on mobile devices for tourists on the road

Video integration

Embedding promotional video in key locations helps Hawke's Bay Express get its primary features out there

Integration of cloud based booking system

Third party systems integration to help save time and money

Getting more business leads

Landing page optimisation to help convert more website visitors into Hawke's Bay Express customers

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